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Corporate Design: Create Tattoo Studio

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  • Create Tattoos & Art is a dream come true project by entrepreneurs Philipp, Dominik and Max that opened their doors in October 2016 in Graz, Austria. The idea was to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you would feel comfortable dropping by, getting consultations for your tattoo, enjoy art and of course, get that ink under your skin as well. 

    Creating a modern, youthful and yet professional overall feeling that is consistent throughout the Corporate Design was important both for us and the client. The goal was to communicate their core values: personal, individual customer consulting in non-intimidating surroundings, according to their principle: “We love what we do”. 

    For the Corporate Design we decided to go with a modern, clean, black and white look with a touch of red, featuring bold marker-style letterings. We highlighted advertising messages like “New in town!” and “You are invited” with big handlettered words on posters and invitations to speak directly to the the young target audience. The easy-going, amicable atmosphere is conveyed especially through the language used throughout the website and social media channels, all print products and is also reflected in the interior design of the studio and art space.

    Concept, Corporate Design, Photos: Marion Kamper & Clifford Deutschmann
    Art Direction, Screendesign: Clifford Deutschmann
    Letterings: Marion Kamper
    Photos of Tattoo Models: Studio Brighten

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