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  • The internet is jammed with video tutorials, blog articles and other instructional material for all kinds of design-relevant topics. I’m always excited when I find relevant information pleasantly bundled and clearly arranged. 

    With my master thesis I created a collection of my personal workflows when I make graphic design and illustration projects. On 176 pages the book reveals in detail how I realise my ideas with the help of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and a range of analogue items while explaining numerous tools, specific software options and topping things off with useful little hints.

    I structured my processes into three parts. Part one contains analogue work like sketching, tracing, as well as digital input devices and my work process when creating letterings. The second part digs into non-destructive workflows in Photoshop, file formats and colour management. In the third part, I show tools and work stages based on three illustration projects. This book presents my personal means of realising illustration projects. I begin my story at step number two. The first steps, creative brainstorming and concept development, are not covered in this book.

    The book is bilingual, written in German and English.

    Featured on Design made in Austria.

    Illustration Collection
    Letterings for an Ad Campaign
    Corporate Design: Create Tattoo Studio
    Food & Drink
    Lettering Collection
    Nautical Illustrations
    Laundromat „Unter Wasser“